Breathtaking views, perfect weather, fun people, wine tasting are the perfect combination, and the hoodies are the last thing you need to complete the entire escapade.

Here are 10 tips that provide you with the ideal, convenient, and suitable winery outfits that you can style yourself in any winery location and any season of the year.

  • Wear Relaxing and Comfy Shoes.

If you are planning to engage in a winery tour, it’s highly recommended to wear comfy shoes. Comfortable shoes do not need to be sneakers. You can wear any comfortable loafers, nice slides, wedges or any fancy and good quality flat sandals.

Footwear must be appropriate for the location that you will be visiting, consider the fact that you will be walking in the dirt, cobblestone, grass, or gravel.

  • Bring a fuss-free bag or better go with free hands

It’s advisable to go tasting wine hands-free or carry a strapless purse.

You will enjoy the wine tasting adventure hands-free since you will be holding and browsing wine brochures, walking up and down, tasting chocolates and cheeses, and of course, holding the glass of wine.

To prevent the risk of misplacing or leaving your purse, carry one without a strap. It’s advisable to bring is a fuss-free, and petite crossbody bag. Your mind will be more focused on the pleasant experience than losing your purse.

  • Accentuate your Outfit with a Denim Jacket or a Cool Blazer

Add a fashionable layer to your plain and simple outfit, one can wear a coat in the winter season, a floral or colorful blazer in the spring, or a cool denim jacket in the summer season. Your attire depends on the season of your adventure.

  • Be More Stylish Than Casual

Wine tasting is a classy activity, add more creativity and drama to your outfit, opt for fashionable or sophisticated apparel than the regular casual look.

Pick out colorful or floral outfits particularly during the summer season. Instead of jeans and custom t-shirts, wear dresses, shorts, or skirts and select the pretty and appealing, colorful prints made up of light fabrics.

  • Style a Low Maintenance Hairdo

Your hair is also part of your winery attire. It’s best to design it in a way that does not require maintenance during the entire wine tasting occasion.

Since you will be out the whole day on the wine trail, it’s advisable to wear a bun or ponytail to avoid any distractions during the exciting tour.

  • Don a Handy Chapstick

Since the main highlight of the escapade is the tasting and drinking of wine, wear a handy lip balm. It keeps your lips moisturized all day. You don’t need to reapply your lipstick now and then during the activity.

  • Avoid the Perfume

In smelling the variety of wine collections, not wearing perfume is a courtesy to the other guests in the wine cave or room. You do not want your perfume to interfere in the best part of the exciting event which is, the smelling of the most prominent wine.

  • Pick out a Printed Outfit

To add some excitement and interest to your wine apparel, wear a dress with solid prints, designed with horizontal cool stripes made with light fabric specifically during the summer season. Dress up a houndstooth in the winter, tartans, and plaids in the fall season, striped designs in the summer, and light-weight floral printed clothing in the spring season.

  • Simple Clothing is Better.

Remember to wear an outfit that does not require high maintenance. Garments must be stylish, comfy but not too casual like the common custom t-shirts paired with jeans.

  • It’s Super Cool to Wear White

Planning for a winery tour, one can wear white jeans and match it with a striped top. But if you know that you are clumsy in drinking, skip the white outfit.


         The best key to a winery tour is to enjoy the unique and pleasant adventure and dressing up appropriately. One can be chic and comfy. You don’t need to sacrifice one or the other choice.

One can create a bold fashion statement without saying a word!

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