Can a Glass of Red Wine Improve Sex Drive?

Sex is a great workout, but it is not always enjoyable for the majority of people. Perhaps it is due to incompatibility with their partners, or perhaps it is due to other physical factors that prevent the couple from fully experiencing the thrill.

You might have heard how male enhancement pills can help to improve your sex drive. However, red wine has emerged as the savior in this situation too. In this article, we will discuss how red wine can help improve male libido and your sex life in general.

Reduces nervous feeling

Although many people do not require much preparation, some people cannot engage in sex if they are nervous. If you are usually nervous before engaging in sexual intercourse, you may perform below your partner’s expectations, which may not be well received.

Fortunately, you can avoid this embarrassment by drinking a glass of red wine. This is to help you get in a better mood before and during your romantic encounters. As a result, you and your partner will have a more enjoyable experience.

Maintains testosterone levels

Red wines have been shown to increase testosterone levels. Matter of fact, those who consume red wines with concentrations of up to 8% have been shown to have higher testosterone levels.

Testosterone increases sperm production, overall mood, and sex vitality. It can also improve your concentration while you’re having sex. The compounds found in red wine allow testosterone to freely circulate throughout the body. As the hormone circulates, it stimulates the desire for sex.

Sex levels are directly correlated with the amount of red wine consumed.  A glass or two will maintain your libido. However, excessive consumption will reduce the benefits obtained. You’ll get drunk and feel sluggish in bed, instead.

Reduces erectile dysfunction

People that take a glass of red wine have reported a significant decline in erectile dysfunction. Polyphenol is one compound found in red wine which is responsible for this change by playing a vital role in blood circulation in various parts of the body.

Remember that erectile dysfunction is associated with most of the present lifestyle diseases, which inhibit the proper flow of blood in the body. Incorporating red wine into your diet could add significant amounts of polyphenols, which will regulate blood flow and positively improve male libido.

Stimulates sex arousal

Alcoholic drinks are generally good for enhancing your mood. After consuming them you always feel energetic and easygoing. They have a calming effect that enables the mind to pay attention to what the body wants. As such, they promote courage to approach the opposite sex.

In many cases, people will only ask their partners for sex after they have consumed a few glasses of alcoholic beverages. As a result, it is safe to say that red wine can reignite the love chemistry that drives people to have sex.

Bottom line

When it comes to red wine and sex, the goal is to improve your mood while avoiding getting drunk. Remember that one or two glasses are more than enough. Excessive consumption of wine, or any alcoholic beverage, can instead reduce your sexual performance and place unnecessary strains on your body.

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