October 1, 2020

Food & Wine

Easy Wine-Inspired Dinners You Can Make

Are you craving for an elegant but easy and fast meal? You are in the right place because listed below are some easy wine and dinner recipes you can whip up:
Pasta Puttanesca and Barbera
Pasta Puttanesca is an Italian dish from Naples. Naples is known for its elegant wine meals. This pasta dish has a lot of savory flavors such as capers, anchovies, and olives.
Barbera’s acidity is perfect for the acidity of the tomatoes from the pasta. The salty taste from Pasta Puttanesca balances the high acid content of the wine. It is a perfect dinner date since the dried herb and cherry flavors complement the simplicity of the…

Wine Basics

Everything You Need to Know About Wine

Wine is an alcoholic drink that is derived from fermented grape juice. However, any fruit can be used to make wine. If the wine bottle label only indicates “wine,” it means it is made from grapes.
Wine Grapes
Wine grapes are not the same as table grapes. These grapes are sweeter, smaller, and have more seeds. Vitis vinifera is a single species of the vine from the Caucasus where many wines originate.
Vintage Year
If a wine bottle has a vintage year on its label, it means that this is the year the grapes were harvested and used to make the wine.
Non-Vintage Wine
For wines that do not have …