Wine Course

Have you been wanting to learn all about wine? Now is the perfect time because you can do so in the comfort of your own home. Wine Islands offers a tasting course that lets you discover a collection of hand-curated wines from various regions, wine tasting tips, guides, and an educational video that can help you gain more wine insights and give you confidence.

The Wine Islands Tasting Course aims to teach you to:

  • Confidently talk about wine
  • Learn wine tasting techniques
  • Be knowledgeable about wine choices in a menu
  • Identify good value and quality wine to explore your palate
  • Be familiar with different wine terminologies that relate to quality

Course Learnings

What you can learn from this course is to identify the flavors of different wines and understand their concepts at the same time.

Moreover, you can figure out your wine preferences. Regardless of the ability and knowledge, everyone can be an expert wine buyer with time and practice. You do not need to have a special sense of taste or smell to know what quality wine is.

You can also apply what you learned as soon as possible. Therefore, you can ponder and pick out wines to drink with more confidence. You will not fall into slimey wine marketing strategies.

The course package has a tasting booklet, wine bottles that are hand-curated, a guide, and more than 2 hours of content. If you only want the booklet, you can get these without the maps and wine bottles.

Who Can Attend?

  • People who want to know more about wine, food, and culture
  • People who have zero or limited wine knowledge
  • Beginner wine enthusiasts who want to have a solid wine foundation
  • Wine professionals who want to impress their clients
  • People who work in the hospitality industry