Wine Serving Tips

Wine is no ordinary drink, so the way you serve it can affect the taste. These basic tips in serving wine can help you serve the drink properly.  Also, you do not have to spend much on doing this.

Serving Wine That Is a Little Cool

If you drink beverages such as coffee, tea, or soda, you can understand that the taste of these drinks can be greatly affected by varying temperatures. Wine is no exception to this. This is especially true for fine wines with more mild floral aromatics. These wines tone down when served too cold. If too warm, they can burn off too fast.

The Ideal Way to Open a Wine Bottle

What wine sommeliers do is cut the foil found at the bottom lip. That is because foils were made from the lead before. Moreover, doing this lessens the unwanted drips on the table while pouring it. Nevertheless, foil cutters are designed to cut the top part of the lip. This method is more presentable, so this is good when the wine is intended to be displayed. As for the cork, you can slightly poke the cork off-center.

In pouring a wine serving, a 25-ounce wine bottle can be served in 5 servings or 150 ml per serving.

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