Classic Wine and Cheese Combinations

Here are some of the simple wine and cheese combinations that you should try. You can discover how exquisite these pairings are.

Pinot Noir and Gruyere

The nutty taste and medium-firm consistency of Gruyere and the red berry flavor of Pinot Noir perfectly complement each other. They both have the ideal smell and intricacy that are not too overpowering.

Aged Port and Blue Stilton

This wine and cheese pairing works because of the sweet, full-bodied, and bold flavor of Aged Port. The stinkiness of the Blue Stilton matches this flavor well. The salty and pungent character of the cheese and the sweet and classic taste of the wine beautifully blend together. Therefore, it is better if the wine is sweeter and the cheese is stinkier.

Champagne and Brie

The pairing of Champagne and Brie is great. Since Brie is a kind of triple-cream cheese, it has a very soft texture. Therefore, it needs to be paired with a drink that is acidic and sharp to get through the fat. That is why it is good with Champagne because it has high acidity and elegant fizzing bubbles.

These characteristics add contrast to the thick, creamy consistency of Brie. Moreover, there is a toasty flavor because of the brioche taste from sparkling drinks such as Champagne.

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