Wine and Grill Food Combinations That Are Worth Trying

Wine and grilled food are ideal combinations for fun weekend gatherings. Grilled foods have different textures and smokiness, so they are great to be paired with various wine flavors. Here are some of the wine and grill food pairings you must try:

Hot Dog with Mustard and Sauerkraut

The good old American hotdogs are one of the classic grilled foods matched with wine. Nevertheless, the acidity of Sauerkraut is a challenge. One of the best pairings for the acid of this fermented cabbage is Riesling which is a classic wine from Germany.

Grilled Corn

Almost all vegetables taste great when grilled. One of the favorites when it comes to grilling vegetables is corn. Not only is it a good side dish but also as a main dish. Therefore, it is great for vegetarians. The buttery taste and hint of sweetness from Chardonnay’s best complements grilled corn. Both have similar tastes that blend well.

Grilled Oysters

The charred, earthy, and deep-sea-salty flavors of grilled oysters are a little complex. One good wine to eat this with is Albariño.

Grilled oysters go surprisingly well with wine. Its unique flavor combination of saltiness and charred earthiness makes it quite a lovely pair to wine. When eating shellfish, it is best served with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Drinking Albariño can also give that nice hint of citrusy taste.

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