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This is where fishermen toss buckets of fish on boats with names like the ShirleyAnn and farmers have sheep dogs that actually herd sheep. Everyone here has a purpose and they’re as fiercely independent as the blackberries that grow wild along the roads.

The Comox Valley’s unique microclimate provides a warm, long growing season to over 450 farms. Try the water buffalo cheeses; they go with anything from the valley’s seven wineries (including Quadra Island’s). The region produces whites, reds, mead, fruit wines, plus a red ice wine. Head over to the restored mining town of Cumberland for a Forest Fog ale from their craft brewery. Or try the gin with the local botanicals at the distillery in Courtenay. Don’t miss the field to flask single malt in Campbell River.


The islands off this coast are full of secrets, like Denman Island being home to Canada’s first organic chocolate-making facility (the bar with the raspberries is as west coast as can be). Warning: sometimes the only sound on the islands is from the eagles.

Campbell River makes the claim to be the province’s salmon capital (Port Alberni, on the western side of the island says, not so). Charter a boat and a guide or head to the docks and buy direct. Seafood is the food of the region and regally celebrated during the 10-day BC Shellfish and Seafood Festival in June.

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Blue Moon Estate Winery

4905 Darcy Road • Courtenay • North Central Island
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Our award winning fruit wines are crafted from 100% BC organic fruit, picked at the peak of the harvest and created in small batches.  From the orchards and berry patches of our farm and our fellow farmers, come wines crafted from apples, pears, blueberries, blackberries,  raspberries and black currents.

Next time you’re looking for a dry to off-dry table wine to have with your meal, a refresher for the patio, or a dessert/appertif wine to linger with – surprise yourself with a delicious fruit wine from Blue Moon.

The winery and Blue Moon Kitchen, are located at Nature’s Way Farm, a sweet little blueberry farm, 5 minutes from downtown Courtenay or from the Inland Island Highway and 20 minutes from Mount Washington.

Please see the Food page of this site to find out about our special events at the farm.

Our winery name, Blue Moon, exemplifies the individuality and uniqueness of our wines. We know that our wines are an expression of the harvest and reflective of the fruit and the place that it is grown.

About Us

The adventure began in 2004 when George slipped a real estate ad for an organic blueberry farm onto my desk. “Are you nuts?” as I crumbled it up and tossed it into the recycle bin. We had just moved from the high Arctic and I had a “little” garden in mind, not 4,000 blueberry plants and a greenhouse operation!  After playing with the idea for about a week in my mind I told George that I wanted to go look at it.  He then said “Are you Nuts” but then he humoured me as men do and we drove to look at the farm.  The rest is history they say.

It has been ten years of learning plant science, learning patience, growing fruit and 5 years since the selling of our first wine.

I am a Landscape Architect, interested in ethnobotany and herbal medicines and George, an Engineer who comes from a Swiss family who made wine out of anything available and who followed this tradition and made all sort of liquid beverages in University, embarked on a path of passion and risk.  George took to the science and chemistry of wine and left me to make things “look pretty.”  We both believe life is really short and once should embrace the opportunity to do what you love to do.

We know how important great fruit is to the finished product.  We are committed to organic and sustainable farming methods.  All of the fruit we use is hand-harvested, allowing us to choose only the very best fruit for our wine.  We love to create unique and exciting wines and we try to let this come through in every bottle we produce.

Leave behind all of your preconceptions about fruit wine as you walk through our  door.  You will be treated to our well crafted fruit wines and a unique experience in our intimate tasting room.

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Our award winning fruit wines are crafted from 100% BC organic fruit, picked at the peak of the harvest and created in small batches.  From the orchards and berry patches…
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40 Knots Winery

2400 Anderton Road, Comox •
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In the heart of the Comox Valley, on a slope facing the Georgia Strait, 40 Knots Vineyard & Estate Winery crafts wines distinctly shaped by a windswept, sun-soaked microclimate.

40 Knots was first established in 2005, by a retired Tug Boat Captain who bought the property so that he could be close to the ocean. At first nothing grew in the sandy, gravel based soil. Not until the Captain discovered that this gravel plateau was perfect for growing grapes. With a microclimate that is generally hotter than the surrounding area, a sand and gravel based soil, and a windswept ocean location to keep the grapes dry, 40 Knots has become Comox Valley’s largest vineyard and winery.

Named for the gale force winds that often strike the coast, 40 Knots embraces its unique microclimate, adorning its label with swallows as a symbol of home. With wines like Whitecaps, Sea Haven, and Spindrift, the connection to the wind and sea is undeniable.

When Owners, Brenda Hetman-Craig, and Layne Craig purchased the winery in 2014 they recognized the natural elements which made this vineyard and winery so special. They continue to nurture this terroir with environmentally ethical farming practices, augmented by Layne’s background in agriculture. They also make use of traditional wine making methods under the direction of esteemed chief wine maker Matt Dumayne of Okanagan Crush Pad.

With dual successful business management careers and Layne’s background in agriculture, Brenda and Layne were drawn to the beautiful Comox Valley, where they could make a change, reconnect with their roots, and create a family farm business that could last generations. With its proximity to a vibrant tourism and economic development community – not to mention the Canadian Forces Base, 19 Wing Comox, which speaks to Layne’s piloting soul – 40 Knots was simply too good to pass up.

Now Brenda and Layne get to spend their days with customers in the cellar tasting lounge, touring the farm and facility, meeting industry customers at their place of business, or serving at wine festivals and events.

Not only that, but they get to produce distinct, lively, yet balanced wines bursting with aromas and lingering flavours. 40 Knots also offers their Stall Speed line, drawing inspiration from Layne’s piloting experience, Stall Speed offers a robust, full-bodied red and aromatic Merlot Ice Wine.

With their unique island placement, 40 Knots has dynamic views to accompany their rich and versatile wines. Visitors can enjoy the cellar tasting lounge, vineyard terrace, wine shop, and winery tours, or decide to use the remarkable space as their next event venue.

The diverse array of attractions offered by the Vineyard means every day is different for Brenda and Layne. Full of new encounters, discoveries, and challenges. And with family and community at the forefront of every decision, Brenda and Layne are building a legacy that can help define the Comox Valley, while forging a path that they can share with their daughters and grandchildren.

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In the heart of the Comox Valley, on a slope facing the Georgia Strait, 40 Knots Vineyard & Estate Winery crafts wines distinctly shaped by a windswept, sun-soaked microclimate. 40…
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Shelter Point Distillery

Paradise isn’t necessarily a geographical requirement for making great spirits, but we managed to find it — at Shelter Point, on the eastern shores of Vancouver Island. Established in 2011, Shelter Point Distillery is located on 380 acres in Oyster River, BC. It’s here that we hand craft our Whisky and Vodka with water from the mountain-fed aquifer and 100% Canadian barley including another unique ingredient, the sea air that dances up from the ocean across our fields and through the distillery every single day. The distillery tasting room and store will be open May 1, 2016. Come and enjoy!
4650 Regent Road Campbell River, BC V9H 1E3 • Campbell River • North Central Island
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Mount Washington Alpine Resort

Nestled high above the thriving Comox Valley agri-tourism community, Mount Washington is a major contributer to popular festivals in the region during the summer months. Tapped Beer Festival and the popular Alpine Wine and Food Festival take place in July and August respectively. Combine your food journey with scenic alpine hiking or a Mile High Chairlift Ride. The resort offers superb accommodation options, on-mountain dining and views of Strathcona Provincial Park and Georgia Strait which are literally second to none. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, Mount Washington is the perfect getaway for both couples and families looking for alpine adventure!
Mount Washington • North Central Island
1-888-231-1499 to
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Comox Valley Farmers Market

More than 50 fabulous food and farm vendors make this Market a staple source for local food in a fun, festive family setting. All offerings are grown here in the Valley including: Bison, beef, lamb and poultry, fish and seafood, cheese, yogurt and gelato, honey and spices, healthy body products, local sea salt, dressings and preserves, fabulous baked goods and take home and ready to eat meals as well as a huge variety of vegetables and fruits. All set to the backdrop of our favorite local musicians. Open Saturday mornings year round plus Wednesdays during the summer season.
Comox • North Central Island
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Beaufort Vineyard and Estate Wine

At Beaufort, we are dedicated to crafting small batch wines and committed to sustainable practices in our vineyard. Our white wines are classically crisp and aromatic, while our reds are delightfully smooth, showcasing both body and bouquet. Stop by the tasting room, bring a picnic, and enjoy spectacular views of the Beaufort mountain range with a glass of our award-winning wine.
Comox Valley • North Central Island
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Discover Comox Valley

Perched on the eastern edge of Vancouver Island, the Comox Valley is more than just a location, it’s a lifestyle. With the backdrop of stunning mountains, the Comox Valley provides the visitor with many options to explore.  Award winning wineries and a wide range of culinary options from outstanding dining, Aqua marine boat tours, factory farm tours and guided culinary   outings.  Combine this with beach walks, golfing, skiing, fossil hunting or visiting one of our many art galleries and artisan’s.  The Comox Valley offers many festivals throughout the year: WinterJam, Dine Around, BC Shellfish & Seafood Festival, Flavour Gourmet Picnic, Alpine Wine Festival and more!
Comox Valley • North Central Island